The East End of London was a difficult place to grow up in during the Victorian era with unemployment and poverty rife in the neighbourhood. Family’s forged communities and manufactures forged industries as the grey city landscape grew. The Wheelers were more fortunate than most for they all had work and their eldest daughter Mary had found skilled employment allowing her the independence to develop into a strong and forceful woman with a wicked streak that would cause mayhem on the dirty streets of London.

Mary encounters hardships and tragedy as she establishes her place in the world which shapes her domineering personality. Family relations are strained by the constraints of society and the shame of a wayward child as Mary strives to stamp her remarkable and unforgettable legacy on the world. Inevitably, young gentleman are ensnared by the dangerous beauty and Mary forges a unique friendship that will descend into a secret web of blood and lies.

Mary loves as fiercely as she kills. Deep down all Mary craved was a family, a child to love, but that had been viciously stolen from her. The world had forsaken her so she would forsake the world and she would teach them not to squander what they had been given.

In the autumn of 1888 London is gripped by the heinous murders of working woman. Prostitutes lay slaughtered as a savage killer taunts the police and instils terror in the local population. Police and vigilantes hunt in vain for the mysterious killer who is ripping their way through the back streets of Whitechapel. Mary has the knowledge that will lead police directly to the killer.

Mary’s volatile nature is fuelled by the experiences of her past as well as her affection for alcohol and her battle with depression. Her blackened heart is inflamed when she meets Frank Hogg. However, her obsession with Frank sees her reach incredible highs only to be crippled by devastating lows as she contends with the mother of his child, the ill-fated Phoebe. Will love conquer all and where will Mary’s fate lead her?